Born in Houston, Texas in 1985.


He is a first-generation American and the youngest of two children, born of a Parisian French father and a Mexican-American mother. In his early years, Bonar discovered a natural penchant for building things. In his teen years, Bonar learned the art of welding from his father and painting from his mother, which, when blended with his precocious engineering skills, inspired significant early designs.


By the age of 20, his designs won him attention from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), whose members have called him “the next top young industrial designer to watch out for”.


 " the next top young industrial designer to watch out for"


In the spring of 2008, Bonar graduated from the prestigious University of Houston Industrial Design program in Houston, Texas. He soon went on to develop several groundbreaking designs, focusing particularly on functionality and sustainability. His innovative product designs (such as his sustainable toothbrush, power drill, E-ticket device, shaver, cooktop and various other furnishings) have gained him head turning recognition.


His works have been featured in various trend magazines, well known blog websites and broadcasted over major tech websites such as Engadget. He currently resides in Beijing, China where he enjoys soccer, sushi, and crystal figurine collecting.

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Mason Bonar